Nyang Nyang Beach Side Bubbles

There is something very special about our location at the remote and stunning Nyang Nyang Beach, Uluwatu.

Meet us at reception office where we will transport you your beach side bubble Its an adventure down the winding descent by scooter, where you arrive at the beach side parking area and walk a further 7-10 minutes across the sand to our remotely located bubble hotel.

Let the waves lull you into deep relaxation feel like a castaway loose your shoes,
get sand in your toes and sigh your worries away. This is bliss.

This is a remotely located hotel, please pack only essential Items 15kgs or less We cannot transport luggage or suitcases to this location. Anything over 15kgs will remain at our secure reception location.

We recommend that you arrive before dark to ensure that you arrive safely. relax and enjoy the sunset as well as the stunning surrounds.
Please note that the tide and the waves change the landscape of the beach daily,
We have 247 security and reception is open from 8am to 8pm daily

Low tide you can swim or sit in some of the most beautiful rock pools on the island. Hi tide is high time to stay out of the ocean as the reef and the pounding waves can be dangerous!

Dine with us!
Bubble hotel has its own breakfast lunch & dinner & dessert menu as well as champagne, wine and beer. Open 7am to 8.30pm. You can also order ahead a sunset BBQ or enjoy a vintage picnic!

The Bubbles are a 4 minute scooter ride and a 15 minute walk from the reception area. All bubbles are fitted with air conditioners, mini bar, tea and coffee making facilities as well as hotel amenities, Hair dryers and eye masks available on request!

Please note inside the bubble is Non Smoking, there is a USD$200 fine for smoking in the bubble.

3 bubbles have infinity pools
2 bubbles have 2 bath tubs (beach view (cold water) and private bath (hot water))

There is parking for vehicles at reception and in the Nyang Nyang upper beach car park for a fee (this is not hotel operated). Please note there is NO vehicle access to the beach, the beach parking is scooter access only for a fee (again not hotel operated). You can walk to the beach from the top car park, the walk is approximately 35 minutes.

Please note Bubble Hotel Nyang Nyang is an Adults Only Venue

Room 1
Room 2
Room & Gazebo
Nyang Nyang Beach Side Bubbles


For Kings and Queens

Big comfy & cozy bed. Great for sleeping and hugging.

Air Conditioning

Our Bubbles are equipped with 1 or 2 air conditioning systems, depending on the cost.

Fresh air 24/7

Silent compressors work non - stop to supply fresh air from the underground piping in order to cool your room down in the jungle.

Bedclothes & Cleaning Service

We will have everything ready for your arrival, including clean, smooth, fresh smelling bed sheets.

Electricity and chargers

Every Bubble has sockets that you can use at any time to charge your smartphone or any other gadget.


Enjoy your romantic holiday to the fullest. The privacy that you'll have is second to none.

Bubble Hotel Bali

Set in the Pecatu district of Uluwatu, 900 yards from Nyang Nyang Beach, 1.4 miles from Nunggalan Beach and 1.6 miles from Suluban Beach.


Reservations Direct: +6287865690570
Whatsapp: +62 812-3204-5154
Email: reservations@privatejetvilla.com