Bubble hotels may be remotely located, but we have everything that you need to make sure you have a relaxing sleep with the stars

Showers & Baths

Bubble hotel bathrooms are all outdoors!

All our bubble bathrooms are fitted with hot & cold water rain showers If your bubble is fitted with a bathtub each tub has its own independent water heater so you can soak at your leisure!

Our bathrooms are all private and secluded you may have the odd frog pop in for a visit!



Bubble Hotel toilets are outdoor private and undercover

You have TP, insect repellant jet shower & hand basin & mirror

We please ask you that all toilet paper and any trash is put in the bin provided please don't flush anything down the toilet that wasn't "made by you"

Fun in the sun & the rain

All Bubble Hotel Bubbles are in the elements that means clouds, rain, wind and sun!

We can't fight with the sun, she is just gonna keep illuminating our planet and making sure the trees grow! So….

All our bubble are fitted with Air Conditioning
Some of our bubbles are shaded by trees (not enough to block your sky view)
All our bubble hav curtains
All our bubbles have shade cloth over the bed canopy
All our bubbles have a shady gazebo
We don't recommend spending the heat of the day inside your bubble, no matter how hard we try it's a transparent dome… it's gonna get hot.
Enjoy the gazebo, read a book, go for a walk or rest in the shade!

Room 1
Room 2

Bubble Hotel Bali

Set in the Pecatu district of Uluwatu, 900 yards from Nyang Nyang Beach, 1.4 miles from Nunggalan Beach and 1.6 miles from Suluban Beach.


Reservations Direct: +6287865690570
Whatsapp: +62 812-3204-5154
Email: reservations@privatejetvilla.com