The ocean is something truly incredible! What could be more relaxing than the sound of the ocean waves!

A few more minutes and the sunrise is already breaking over the world. You realize that for the first time you are feeling a sense of pure joy, that you want to grow, to become better , to share these moments of happiness. A new day brings new thoughts and the understanding that Bubble Hotel Bali is the place where you realize the true essence of your existence. It is in the inner harmony, in the happiness that you provide for your loved one. Here, surrounded by the wildlife and the ocean, you are born once again. After a day or two you will return to your familiar lifestyle as a completely different person..

Sunrise is beautiful itself, but when you watch it with someone you love, it feels even more incredible.

Just imagine: it’s you and the ocean!

Here all of the sense of time is lost, there is no need to be afraid of being late, no need to dress smart or think of what gift to give to your loved. Your ocean holiday amongst the wildlife will be your greatest gift. The first rays of the sun will appear above the horizon, gently touching the surface of the ocean. Waves caress the shore, sharing their energy. You will experience an indescribable sense of unity with the nature, by watching the sunrise and loving each other..

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We have 3 hotels

The hotels are located in three different locations on Bali.

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You will live on a hill surrounded by the viridian jungle and paddy fields in a beautiful private area above the river. Lose yourself on the lap of pristine nature.

Close to the hotel lobby, easily accessible.

1 Bubble with a private pool, 9 Bubbles without pools. Air conditioners in each room

No restaurants nearby, but we have catering service, 15-30 minutes from the Ubud center.

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Rugged terrain with beautiful ocean views and a sandy beach - 10 steps away from your room

Steep descent from the mountain through the jungle ~20 minutes away

Make sure you have comfortable shoes. Swimming is forbidden because of the strong current and sharp reefs

Please note: it takes our staff some time to respond (due to a 20-minute descent).

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Nyang Nyang

Rugged terrain with beautiful ocean views and a sandy beach - 10 steps away from your room

Steep descent from the mountain through the jungle ~20 minutes away

Make sure you have comfortable shoes. Swimming is forbidden because of the strong current and sharp reefs

Please note: it takes our staff some time to respond (due to a 20-minute descent).

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We have already had over 5,400 guests. Check out their pictures and what they wrote about our hotel.

@sabinebruelhart: amazing place where you want to meet the dawn
@klappertaartbali: wonderful cuisine, did not expect this at all
@girlwdasuntan: so many impressions that there is not enough phone memory
@klaaartbali: oh it was a wonderful two days!
@appbali: I want to experience this experience again
@lpperartbali: wonderful starry sky from which you can tear your hands apart
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Our mission

is to organize an unforgettable romantic experience for couples, to deepen their relationship, by providing them with the opportunity to have a great getaway from the hustle and bustle while reconnecting with their inner child in the pristine nature

Felix Demin
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Interior Design

Your comfort is our priority. We make sure that our hotels are comfortable and safe for our guests

Our minimalist interior design will help you to fully enjoy your stay with your partner. Our rooms have double beds with orthopedic mattresses, light curtains for some privacy and everything you need to enjoy your romantic getaway.

For Kings and Queens

Big comfy & cozy bed. Great for sleeping and hugging.

Air Conditioning

Our Bubbles are equipped with 1 or 2 air conditioning systems, depending on the cost.

Fresh air 24/7

Silent compressors work non - stop to supply fresh air from the underground piping in order to cool your room down in the jungle.

Bedclothes & Cleaning Service

We will have everything ready for your arrival, including clean, smooth, fresh smelling bed sheets.

Electricity and chargers

Every Bubble has sockets that you can use at any time to charge your smartphone or any other gadget.


Enjoy your romantic holiday to the fullest. The privacy that you'll have is second to none.

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Our Menu

We serve only delicious food.

You can order Italian food and we will deliver it from an Italian restaurant or cook breakfast, lunch or dinner/barbecue of your choice. We use only organic food, particularly lots of fruits and vegetables. We cook fish by a special recipe on the grill with fragrant spices and stewed vegetables as a side dish. We have everything for a romantic dinner on the ocean shore with the gentle sound of the waves. The food prices are high due to complex logistics and high quality.

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Attractions / Facilities

To fill your stay with comfort, love and romance, choose some of our additional options:

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Sky of Stars

When you see a starry night, you'll never forget it and feel sorry for those who didn't see it.

The transparent walls of the hotel room will ensure your uninterrupted unity with nature. Did you know that the stars above Bali are 22 times brighter than they are anywhere else? The reason is because of the transparency and purity of the atmosphere. You can present yourself and your loved one not only with a wonderful holiday, but also the stars, the ocean, and an unforgettable experience. You will look at the stars scattered like diamonds on a black velvet. Celebrate your love, and a light breeze and whisper of the ocean will add sensuality to your love story

Do you want to surprise someone or be surprised? Look at the sky, enjoy the stars. Here, in the rooms of the Bubble Hotel Bali you will realize that happiness is here, it is close and at hand. On the beach, you can fly a kite and play badminton, try to find treasure, watch the stars in the telescope at night, cook your dinner on a fire and listen to the music playing in the tune of the sea surf.

Do you want to remember your childhood emotions, where there are no limits, but only opportunities, unconditional happiness from exploring the world and curiosity? Then you are in the right place, almost at the edge of the Earth, where the ocean and the heavens meet. Make each other happy, love each other under the stars

Get this day in your memories
An unforgettable experience amidst the peaceful harmony of the wildlife
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Heat Magnet

You may think that our Bubbles are hot in the full sun.

You would be right. Because of the specific design of the Bubble and its location in the open terrain under the tropical sun, it can be really hot from 10 to 16 pm in the hottest hours of the day, while the rest of the time the inside temperature is usually comfortable.

We have found a solution for the hottest hours. Each Bubble has ‘single stage air - conditioning systems’, which provides air with a powerful compressor from a cool space in the jungle through the network of the underground pipes, to your room.

In addition, some Bubbles have air conditioning or fans, depending on the price (Aircon is not available everywhere since there is no electricity on the beach).

Your Bubble is comfortable and inviting all day long, in the morning, evening and night. Actually, the heat is not a problem at all!

You can sunbathe, splash in the ocean, explore the nature of the jungle, or relax in a gazebo under the shade of the trees.

Just think, where else would you be able to find such harmony with the nature and experience a real adventure?

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The shower is similar to that in any other hotel, but with a difference...

Do you want to feel yourself in a new way? First, you need to wash away all of the negative emotions that have accumulated over the months. In our outdoor shower you will forget everything that has ever worried you, leaving only the good me mories and thoughts.

Just imagine how the clean, clear water is washing your body, with the shiny droplets caressing your skin, pampering and hydrating every cell in your body. That’s the feeling of complete satisfaction from doing what you have always dreamed of and wanted to do.

Only here, at Bubble Hotel Bali, you will experience the thrill from simple life. We do not offer the comfort and service of a five - star hotel, but instead a new experience to help you get to know each other and create the memories of a lifetime.

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Almost no one


No one can see me behind the thick bushes in the jungle...

Our morning begins with our usual routines, and using the restroom is not forgotten. Despite the fact that you are having a getaway by the ocean, surrounded by wild jungle, your toilet is not inferior to the comfort that is expected in your city apartments. You don’t have to change your habits. After all, the main rule of Bubble Hotel Bali is to provide with maximum comfort and unity with the nature in a place surrounded by the jungle and ocean!

The toilet is just like at home, but in the jungle.
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